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Process-reliable thread production

Broken taps lead to high subsequent costs. Our threading tools meet the highest demand thanks to matched geometries.

Workshop equipment

The materials used in mould and die making are very high-quality with the appropriate strengths and alloying elements. This means varying degrees of machinability depending on the material. Many difficult to machine materials are used on a daily basis. We rely daily on the taps from our own range in our production.

By using our products you can prevent expenses from the following:

  • Manually removing broken off taps
  • Eroding out of broken off taps
  • Milling out broken off taps with hard milling cutter
  • Recutting threads
  • Replacing damaged threads with thread insert
Blue ring taps

Our blue ring taps are the top products in threading tools. They are made of HSS-E or HSS-E-PM cutting material and coated with TiAIN and a special sliding layer. This results in optimum chip removal, reduced friction and maximum service life. Perfect clamping control enables the highest cutting values and consistent process reliability. Reduce the variety of tools you have in operation and use our taps for the following applications:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Steel for quenching and tempering
  • Tool steel
  • Stainless steel and casting
  • Titanium alloys

See overview

Universal taps

Our universal taps are green ring taps. Their reliable coating guarantees excellent results. The range of metric threads includes variants made of HSS-E and HSS-E-PM cutting material with TiN coating. The products for inch threads are made of HSS-E cutting material and are vaporised (steam treated).

See overview

Threads in hardened materials

For the machining of hardened and high-strength materials, corresponding taps are also necessary. Our high-performance drills enable the machining of materials with hardness up to 63 HRC. The HSS-E-PM and carbide taps have a high-performance coating that enables a longer service life.

See overview

Fluteless taps

If you want to increase the machining speed, then our fluteless taps are the perfect choice. The stable tools ensure the best surface quality, higher strength of the thread and do not cause chips. The new polygon shape reduces the torque by up to 30%. A new surface treatment noticeably increases wear resistance. Our taps are available as HSS-E-PM with TiCN coating or HSS-E with TiN coating and are available inmetric as well as inch thread variants.

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Taps for components

To provide screw plugs with the appropriate thread, we offer you the optimal taps. You will also find uncommon dimensions as standard tools in our range available from stock. We have the perfect solution for positions that are difficult to access: the WZG 341219 extra long tap.

WZG 34221 WZG 341219 Workshop equipment for components

Thread milling cutters

Our thread milling cutters offer you the highest flexibility in thread making. In addition to different thread tolerances, you can also vary the pitches. A through hole or a blind hole can be created with a wide range of materials and hardness up to 67 HRC. This allows you to machine materials that are difficult to machine and choose whether you want to provide it with a left-hand or a right-hand thread. The thread milling cutters ensure perfect thread quality and with the WZG 171518 the threads can be introduced directly in the material without having to drill a core hole first.

See overview

Core hole drill

When drilling core holes, high demands are placed on the drills. The Meusburger core hole drills have a very wide range of applications for both soft and hardened materials. Some of the other advantages of our drills are strong performance and high process reliability. In our range you will also find the carbide drills with inner coolant supply so that the cutting edge is cooled and lubricated in the best possible way.

See overview Further information

Cutting data calculator

The same questions often arise when machining a wide variety of materials:

  • What is the speed and feed rate for the diameter used?
  • Contour feed or feed of the centre path?
  • Which tool holder has the best result with the chosen strategy?

With our cutting data calculator, you can get the correct cutting values in no time at all. What's more, we provide you with valuable information and tips for perfect use of the tool.

Cutting data calculator

Tapping chuck

You will find exactly what you are looking for in our range for both universal use and for synchronous spindle applications. We offer quick-change tapping chucks that will increase the service life of your taps and fluteless taps by up to 300%.

Hollow shank taper tool holder Steep taper tool holder

Cutting oil

When making threads, increased temperatures may occur in the taps or other tools used. To prevent this, it is important to use a suitable cutting oil. The cooling effect of the cutting oil increases the service life of the tools used. The oil can be applied selectively and is also optimal for applications with large surface areas.

See overview

Thread gauge

Our thread gauge is ideal for checking your threaded holes. Made of hardened and stress-relieved gauge steel, it has a ‘go’ and ‘no go’ side. By inspecting with a thread gauge, you can identify potential defective threads and prevent additional costs that may arise.

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